An A-Z of ELT


An A-Z of ELT

A Fully cross-referenced, alphabetical guide to ELT
-Explains grammatical, phonological, and lexical terms
-Describes language teaching tehniques, methods and theories
-Expands common acronyms of language varieties and major organizations
-Suggests ways of teaching common grammar points
-Includes helpful cross references and further reading suggestions
-Provides straightforward, authoritative answers to questions such as:
What’s the difference between coherence and cohesion?
Why use an inductive approach?
What is TPR?
How can i teach must, have to, needn’t?
Where can i find more information about English as an international language?
Anul publicarii: 2008
Format: 19×24
Pagini: 256
Autor: Scott Thornbury
Anul publicării: 2008
Categoria: Grammar

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