Curs de limba engleza – Hello Happy Rhymes Story Book


Curs de limba engleza - Hello Happy Rhymes Story Book

Cartea autorului Virginia Evans „Curs de limba engleza – Hello Happy Rhymes Story Book"

de la editura EXPRESS PUBLISHING Happy Rhymes is a three-level series for children at early primary/primary level. It contains popular traditional nursery rhymes. Each rhyme is preceded by a strory that sets the scene and presents the core language of the rhyme. As a result, children will be able not only to sing traditional nursery rhymes, but also to relate the humorous stories contained within each one.
Key Features:
Popular traditional nursery rhymes to provise a foundation for cultural literacy and enhance early reading skills and phonemic awareness.
Big Story Books to help the children focus on the story.
Activities to consolidate the rhyme and its language.
Easy-to-follow Teacher’s Book with additional activities and craftwork to allow flexibility of lesson length and teaching hours.
An aparitie: 2013
Format: 27 X 21
Numar pagini: 48
Autor: Virginia Evans
Anul publicării: 2013
Categoria: Carte scolara

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