Good Grammar Book, The with Answer Key


Good Grammar Book, The with Answer Key

Good Grammar Book, The with Answer Key de M Swan. Description: English level: Elementary to Lower-Intermediate
The Good Grammar Book teaches all the grammar needed for speaking and writing in English. It explains the rules, shows how the language works, and gives plenty of practice. It can be used either with the coursebook in class or as extra practice at home.
Key features
Explanations are clear, simple, and above all easy to remember.
Real examples show how rules work and how to avoid common mistakes.
Colour diagrams and illustrations help students understand difficult grammar points.
Practice activities show how to use the grammar correctly.
Grammar and vocabulary are practised together in special exercises.
Tests at the beginning of each section show learners what they need to practise.
Tests at the end of each section show progress.
Author: Swan, M.& Walter, C.
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 2002Vezi și alte cărți: Grammar
Autor: M Swan
Anul publicării: 2002
Categoria: Grammar

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