Living Words – Father Arsenie Boca


Living Words - Father Arsenie Boca

Father Arsenie Boca (1910-1989) was a great monastic and charsmatic orthodox personality of Romania. After he gradueted the"Avram Iancu Hight" School in Brad (Hunedoara), he attended the Academy of Theology in Sibiu and the Belle Arte Institute in Bucharest. At the same time, he attended medical courses at the University of Medicine in Bucharest. After four months spent in Mount Athos in Greece, he entered the monastic life at Brancoveanu Monastery in Sambata de Sus (Brasov), where he served as a priest and abbot until November 1948. Finally he was transferred by Metropolitan of Transylvania, Nicolae Balan, to prislop Monastery in the Country of Hateg (Hunedoara). In may 1959, he was expelled from monastery by the comunist regime. Although regulations were strict, Justinian, the Patriarch of Romania, gave him the blessing to work in the Studio of the Romanian Patriarchate in Bucharest. Following his retirement in 1967, he painted for fifteen years Sf. Nicholas Ortodox Church fron Draganescu (Giurgiu).
Due to his Christian faith, he was permanently put under surveillance, being imprisoned by the comunist regime. Endowed by God with exceptional spiritual gifts, he had a high influence amid the Romanian nation. His spirits is stil present today, enjoing a genuine veneration. He died in Sinaia on November 28, 1989, and was buried at prislop Monastey. His tomb beceme one of the most well-known places of pilgrimage in Romania.
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Year : 2014
Autor: Arsenie Boca
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Anul publicării: 2014
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