My Little Island 1 Strudents Book with CD ROM


My Little Island 1 Strudents Book with CD ROM

Cartea autorului Christina Longman „My Little Island 1 Strudents Book with CD ROM" de la editura LONGMAN

Where the adventure begins!
There is an exciting place for very young learners to begin their journey of leaning English… My Little Island. Children will love the fun characters and motivating stories and will be inspired to listen, speak, and start reading and writing in English.
Throughout each level, special emphasis is given to early childhood skills, Total Physical Response (TPR), and rich vocabulary development.
The adventure continues into our ActiveTeach software for use on a computer or IWB.
www. pearsonELT. com/mylittleisland

ISBN: 0132314770
Autor: Christina Longman
Editura: LONGMAN
Anul publicării: 2011
Format: 237 x 314 x 6mm | 37
Categoria: Carte scolara

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