Pop diva


Pop diva

Twins Pop n Lolly are top models and they’ve won a recording contract too. But Pop dreams of being a TV presenter and stops focusing on her singing. The girls are just about to record their new single – will Pop be good enough?
Talent, stardom, hard work and heartache . . . welcome to Fame School!
Getting a place at Rockley Park school for talented young performers involves struggle and sacrifice, and thats just the beginning! Life at Rockley Park is packed full of new friends, potential enemies, crises and triumphs.

Key Stage
    KS2/3 E
Accelerated Reader level
    4.9 MY
ISBN: 9780746073049
    Extent: 128 pages
    Dimensions: 198 x 130mm
Autor: Cindy Jefferies
Editura: USBORNE
Categoria: Childrens fiction books

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