Target Grammar. Level 3


Target Grammar. Level 3

The most commonly understood meaning of the word‘grammar’ is perhaps the‘rules of a language’. But it would be better to say that the grammar of a language comprises of all the aspects of a language which, when learnt improves both our spoken and written skills. This series called Target Grammar is a collection of 5 carefully graded books specially designed to enhance the grammar skills of children. A key feature of this series is that the books have been written in such a manner that children can use them by themselves, without a teacher!
Target grammar,which consists of 5 books are carefully graded according to the age and need of the learner.Replete with exercises and colorful illustrations,the books will surely go a long way in improving the english language skills of children.
Format: PB   
Readership: Children
Series: Target Grammar
Dimension: 185 x 240 mm
Color: Multiple
Language: English
Illustrations: Yes
Publishing Date: 2011
Rights: W
Pages: 48 pp
Autor: Ioan Salomie
Editura: PEGASUS
Anul publicării: 2011
Categoria: Grammar

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