The Psy Attack


The Psy Attack

Cartea autorului Ovidiu-Dragos Argesanu „The Psy Attack" de la editura PRO DAO

I have never thought I will encounter so many obstacles in writing this book. I was convinced that each and every one of us wishes to find out as much as possible, that each and every one of us wishes to understand the world, the life and – and why not – himself/herself, but, I have discovered that laziness, un-truth and non-value are highly appreciated nowadays at the ex-pense of everything I consider to be beautiful, good and true. I wish I were wrong when saying that the world we live in is ugly, that people are mean and a new type of madness has started to reign: the obsession of mentally enslaving the others in order to fulfill your own desires and thirst for power.
Anul aparitiei: 2010
Numar pagini: 282
Format: 13×20
Autor: Ovidiu-Dragos Argesanu
Editura: PRO DAO
Anul publicării: 2010
Categoria: Diverse-mitologie

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